Occupational Therapy for Sheltered Housing

We can offer an Occupational Therapy assessment and recommendations before the move to ensure that any disability or impairment does not delay or cause a problem during the move or once you have moved to your new property.

Case Study Example

Mr M lives alone in Leeds and decides to relocate to be closer to his family in Swansea.  The property purchase is going ahead, however, Mr M new he could not manage the bath and required a walk in shower and some grab rails as per his existing property.  Mr M is concerned that he cannot wait for a local authority assessment as he needs the works done prior to moving in.  The property developer can do the works as part of the purchase however require Promoting Independence to draw up a clear specification and review the specification with Mr M and his family and then project managed the installation. The process prevents any delay with the purchase and Mr M can move into his new home with peace of mind that he can live closer to his family without any personal care issues.

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